LiMnO2 Lithium Batteries powers the CGM dynamic blood glucose meter

作者: 力佳科技
发布于: 2024-06-21 11:26

The Growing of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Market

In recent years, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) products have entered the field of vision of diabetic patients. The hardware of this type of product includes three parts: sensor, transmitter, and receiver. It is usually powered by button batteries. It mainly monitors the glucose concentration in the human body in real time through the sensor implanted under the skin, and converts it into an electrical signal to transmit to the matching receiver or mobile phone APP. It has the advantages of 24-hour dynamic monitoring, storage function, low infection risk, and seamless wearing etc  .

The continuous blood glucose meter (CGM) has the following advantages:

  1. Intuitively see the blood sugar change curve, clarify the blood sugar change trend, and master the blood sugar law;
  2. Find hidden high and low blood sugar;
  3. Understand whether your recent sugar control is up to standard, whether your lifestyle is healthy, whether the drug adjustment plan is appropriate, etc.

Power Glory supports the smart medical field

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the medical device industry is also developing rapidly, and new technologies and products are constantly emerging. Power Glory is committed to supporting and promoting the smart medical industry, providing good power supply support for the innovation and iteration of medical devices.

Omnergy's lithium manganese button battery (CR series, include CR927, CR1220, CR1025, CR2032, CR2016 etc coin type batteries  )  has always been a special coin battery in the field of smart medical care. The battery has the characteristics of long life, lightweight, stable voltage, etc. Power Glory Focusing on lithium batteries for 20 years, it provides customized lithium micro batteries and highly adaptable power solutions for customers in the smart medical field. It is the best choice for stable power supply of CGM dynamic blood glucose meters. Power Glory is your most trusted supplier of button batteries!